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THE FUNDRAISING APP April 25, 2022 April 27, 2022

The Fundraising App is a completely customized app and website fundraising solution.
A similar model to the football cards with retailers and their deals, that you have probably
purchased in the past, but light years beyond the football cards. It will unite communities,
by providing value to all the participants year after year, while providing huge revenue
to the fundraisers and distributors. It’s all online, so fundraisers and distributors can view
donations and earnings in real-time. Tomorrow is TODAY!

The Fundraising App
5060 Covington St.
Greenwood, MN 55331-8709
P: 612-968-4471
Customer Service:
CEO/President: Jon Ratliff
*The Fund Raising App, offers a great way for any organization
to raise money for their cause.